ShaderLab syntax: Fog
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ShaderLab syntax: Fog

Fixed function fog parameters are controlled with Fog command.

Fog commands might have no effect when fragment programs are used; as in that case fog operations sometimes are described in the shader.

Fogging blends the color of the generated pixels down towards a constant color based on distance from camera. Fogging does not modify a blended pixel's alpha value, only its RGB components.


Fog { Fog Commands }
Specify fog commands inside curly braces.
Mode Off | Linear | Exp | Exp2
Defines fog mode. Default is exponential squared fog (Exp2).
Color ColorValue
Sets fog color.
Density FloatValue
Sets density for exponential fog.
Range FloatValue , FloatValue
Sets near & far range for linear fog.


Default fog settings are based on Render Settings: fog mode is either Exp2 or Off; density & color taken from settings as well.